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The picture used in the creation of this t shirt is more than just a sign of defiance. The segregation and prejudice of America in 1968 was still a hindrance to all people of color, 4 years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964. One of the most useful tools in these impudent behaviors was the use of unfair housing practices. Between 1967 and 68 non violent protesters marched and demonstrated for 200 days in Milwaukee until peace was no longer an option. Long story short we were finally heard.

Most posts, tweets, or merch bearing this woman's image would say something about here not dropping her purse or keeping her hair in tact... but I digress. Enjoy the design.  🐝✊🏾🐝





  • 7.5oz (250 gm) 55% cotton/45% polyester fabric
  • loopback terry fabric
  • twill neck tape
  • DTG Graphic of Pam Echols
  • Desinged in Dystopia, Printed in Philadelphia

Pam Echols Raglan