BLÜM, pronounced [bloom], was founded in 2020 by Rashied Amon.

Rashied, a self proclaimed "Visual Pluralist",  designed his first graphic tee on a whim at a friends house in Brooklyn, New York in'17.  The shirt read "Fuck Tomorrow, live for today", a rather brash expression of his carpe diemesque philosophy, but a declaration none the less...

He would visit the medium again, designing artist merch for Knucky Bambino and Cooked By Con, while serving as the Creative Director of Late Bloomers (L8BLOOMRS), an independent record label based out of Philadelphia. 

Innovation was a necessity in 2020.  In an effort to stay active, BLÜM was created with the same aesthetic in mind as that first design, still outspoken but much more palatable.  

The brand's mantra is simple. "It's Never Too Late To BLÜM.   Live, Learn, BLÜM...